Who We Are

Volunteering Peel is a group of students who organize volunteer events. Our main goal is to help students gain their 40 hours of community service in a fun and engaging way.

We are a youth-engagement project situated in the heart of the GTA. Our group is based in Mississauga and was created in November of 2005.

How YOU Can Get Involved!

Visit our events page to sign up for an event - it's really easy! On our sign up form, simply provide us with your name, phone number and preferred email for the event you want to sign up for. A student organizer will correspond with you until event day.

How It All Began

Volunteering Peel is an organization that started off as a school club at John Fraser Secondary School, in Mississauga. Rohit Mehta was a grade 10 student who felt that there was a lack of resources available for students who needed volunteer hours.

What started off as a fun way for him and his friends to get involved in the community, soon grew into something much more. Since then, Volunteering Peel has partnered with various community organizations to bring volunteer opportunities to a network of over 2000 students from schools all across Peel.

Volunteers can get involved in running events, fundraisers, environmental events, festivals, and many more. We are constantly on the lookout for new events to provide students with more exciting opportunities.

Our Mission

Volunteering Peel works with community groups and event organizers to provide volunteers where needed. As a student-run organization, Volunteering Peel aims to facilitate volunteer opportunities for students by initiating contact with event organizers, organizing events, and helping students work towards their 40 hours and beyond.

If you are a student or organization who wants to get involved with Volunteering Peel, please contact us here! Our work could not be possible without our wonderful student leadership team, and our sponsors.